Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bundsay Downs Golf Course - Rain Play and What NOT to Do

My fellow golfers looked at the forecast without trying to turn to religion to increase our chances of holding the rain at bay. I checked the Met Forecast, the BBC both TV and Web - and local regional weather. The rain was due from late morning till late morning. What should we do?

Well we already had tee-times booked in advance for 10am and 10.12am, and I thought if I could drag my heels a little, it would be possible to avoid the worse of the english weather - well at least the early morning part.

After the soaking I got at the Stonebridge society bash on Wednesday, and the fact that my wet-weather gear had only just got dry - I loaded up the car and set off towards ever-growing dark clouds adamant that it would rain early and leave us 3/4 of the round with sun and rainbows.

Alas my golfing optimisim today was my downfall, and that of my playing partners too.

It rained pretty much the whole round with solitary moments of respite adding to the frustration. Michael Schumacher was and for that matter probably still is a master in the rain. I however am not a master at all, and here are my reasons why rain and golf do not mix:

  • Wet-weather equipment - trousers, jacket, and hat restrict my swing, too many layers makes me feel like an onion.
  • An Umbrella is an uneccesary distraction.
  • Rain effects ball flight reducing wind-resistance and forciing me to step-up a club for normal yardage. Where I would hot 7 iron say 170 yards, I now have to adapt and use a 6 iron for the same distance.
  • My bag is not waterproof and neither is my mobile-phone.
  • My scorecard is also not waterproof and neither is my scoring pencil.
  • Putting on water-logged greens is like putting through treacle.
  • Water dripping from my hat distracts my putting focus.
  • Once my grips on my clubs get wet, my hands loss position forcing me to hold tighter and therfore swing less freely.
  • Similarily once my golf-glove gets wet I lose traction and grip harder still. 
There tips here:

VideoJug - How to Play Golf in the rain

... however the smiling part I can't agree with

Or you could do as Sandy Lyle did in the 2008 Open at Royal Birkdale

Sandy Lyle walks off the Open due to Rain

There's hope for me yet then and I hear no rain next week

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