Saturday, 19 February 2011

How I like to Putt... my golfing technique and focus

For some putting is the hardest part of the game but for me it is the most gentle part. Of course technique is key here, but so is a good mental view-point. Often I will visualise the putt in my mind, seeking the line in my mind's-eye.

The set-up I use is 2 practice warm-up swings getting the feel for how the ball will travel from the putter. This helps me ascertain distance. Next is a good-read looking at how the slopes will effect the ball direction, left, right or up or down.

I keep an eye out for any impediment that will slow the ball, be it a leaf, piece of dirt or a small stone for example. Then of course remove the obstacle!

Next I breathe deep to calm myself and then prepare the shot in my mind again.

The success will come from firstly getting GIR and then ALWAYS 2 putting, never 3 putt :)

There is always the chance that your first putt will sink..

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