Monday, 22 April 2013

A long break from the great game of Golf

After a long break away from the usual round of weekly golf you’ll probably find you have developed annoying golfer quirks when it comes to remembering your back-swing or ball striking accuracy. To some extent muscle memory plays a high part in keeping your backswing in shape, but a break from the game starts to let in all types of oddities. One of the most annoying aspects I discovered was that my swing was pretty mush useless throughout my round of golf. 

I miss-hit from the tee 5 shots in total – all with top-spin so I was raising my body/legs during the swing (this is very unlike me) my iron play from the fairway was atrocious with shots pulling to the right. Driving was a disaster (again pulling to the right) I managed to hit 3 fairways but had total loss in confidence that I’d play a decent second shot. My putting was OK (perhaps the only part of my game that seemed solid) and I managed to hole fairly long putts but of course I was putting for double-bogey, which is never a good thing.

Playing golf’s a mentally challenging sport, so I thought that I was punishing myself too hard and begin to lighter up thinking this would help my golf swing get back to normal – this didn’t work for me and the same continual misfortune of a poorly-aligned golf swing seemed to cause even greater frustration. Next time I’ll ensure I practice at the range well before I play a next round of golf.

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