Thursday, 4 December 2014

How to Play a Tee Shot from the Tee Area in golf

When learning how to play a Tee Shot there are several considerations that you need to be thoughtful of from the tee area to give you the best shot possible. 

A tee-shot is important not only because it marks the beginning of a new hole, but it must also be approached with a degree of strategy and technique. It is essential that you get your game and the hole in question off to the best start possible.

Always make she you use the correct length tee to avoid teeing your ball up too high or too low and ensure you are within the tee-off area markers.

Ideally the ball once it is on the tee should be at the same height as the center of the club when the club is resting behind it on the ground. It is possible to have the ball sitting ½ way above the top of the club for drivers. The is because the swing of a driver is flatter and is designed to sweep the ball up-and-away rather than compressing the ball on a downward stroke like a low 9 iron is supposed to do.

The Length of Hole and How it Impacts Your Tee Shot

You need to consider the length of the hole you are playing. This is an important aspect that many amateur golfers do not consider. A par 5 hole will often require that you hit a club that makes the ball travel the furthest distance. However if this can put the golf ball in a potential hazard it will be worthwhile considering playing a shorter club and letting the ball fall short of the hazards. You will undoubtedly still have chance for GIR (Green in Regulation) and Par.

Why you should choose a comfortable Club when teeing off

Normally for the first tee-shot on your golf round it is advisable to play a comfortable club so you can start the round off on a positive note. Nothing is worse than hitting your driver on the first whole out-of-bounds or into a water hazard because you have not fully loosened up.

Hole Design and The Important Decision

Consider how the hole is designed, what is the best position you want the ball to be in for your second shot. If the hole dog-legs right, then a better position may be left of the tee area so your second shot is clear to the pin. You do not want your tee-short to be right and short in-case it then blocks off your second shot.

Is the Golf Tee Area Flat?

Also take a good look at the tee area and ask yourself if it is flat, or if there are any sloping areas. Your ideally want your ball to be sitting flat and at the same level as your feet. You do not want your feet to be elevated or lower than the golf ball at this stage as it will affect your swing-plane.

Remember You Can Move Around the Tee Area

Many golfers play directly from the center of the tee area, however at times it may be advantageous to move your ball to the left or right of the tee area. For example if you have a tendency to hit the ball left on occasions then move your ball and tee-up on the right hand side of the tee area. This may well give you the extra 10 yards to ensure that your ball, if it does go left is safer than if you centered your golf ball in the middle.

With these simple tips in mind you will have the potential to get your ball accurately off the tee whilst improving your chances of making par and bringing your golf handicap down.

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