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Monday, 27 February 2012

The right kind of Golf Equipment

As strange as it may sound wearing the right kind of golf clothing helps make a huge difference to your golf round. It’s all about keeping at the most comfortable you can possibly feel whilst remaining at the right core body temperature. On a hot day keeping cool whilst playing golf helps maintain your focus as the golf round commences.

Similarly keeping warm on a cold or windy day helps your body stay relaxed and as supple as possible this ensuring your swing remains as fluid as possible.

Not often does a sport have so many variables so why not try and eliminate the most obvious? Choose a good set of clothing that maintains your core temperature and you’ll be way ahead of your playing partners.
Try it next time you play golf and see what difference it makes.

Just remember that fashion on the course does not make you a better player, rather a more temperate one!

Monday, 28 February 2011

Golf Course success with Club Management


Many of you may think that when I start talking about Golf Course management that I am discussing office level work or how clubs are run. This however is not what I mean, when I refer to course management what I am talking about is how to negotiate and manage your round of golf. Strategy if prefer.

Break it down
It is most important to remember that you have a long way ahead of you, maybe 4 hours to play your round, depending of course on how many playing partners are with. You will also have to contend with the distance of each hole and how to break this up into manageable "chunks". When I talk about chunks really I mean of course how many shots you will need to get your GIR (Greens in Regulation).

Friday, 25 February 2011

Braintree Golf Club - Stonebridge Society competition

Well the first competition got under way for the Stonebridge society at Braintree Golf Club near Stisted in Essex. There were 20 players and although this was a non-scoring events in terms of the Grand Prix, prizes were given for 1st 2nd and closest-to-the-pin which I managed to win!

One problem which was expected was rain. Playing in the rain requires a whole new mindset. And rain it did over the whole round.
I discovered my play is effected massively by wet-weather equipment and once my club grips get wet my confidence plummets. The greens in particular were effected with water not soaking away and leaving the greens in a very poor condition to get those important 2 putts.
The course itself was close to being shut for play, but considering the event had been booked for 3 weeks before had, us hardened 20 souls ventured out.
The point scoring reflected the bad conditions with the winner coming in with 30 Stableford points followed by second on 24. I felt an odd pang of disappointment and only managed to get into double figure (14 points) with more blobs than I dare to think about.

For more information about this fantastic course see the link below