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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Best Free GPS Golf App Hole19 Reviewed

The Free Hole19 Golfing GPS Apps one of the Best on the MarketThe greatest technological achievement to hit the golfing world is that of the free golf GPS apps. 


Easily out-rivaling paid for laser range golf finders these free apps offer so much for every golfer it is truly amazing. A typical free Golf GPS app should include:

  • A complete range of Golf Courses for GPS positioning
  • Front/Center/Back of green yardages
  • Electronic scoring – stableford, matchplay and wager formats
  • Website integration to allow you to view your golfing history
  • SmartWatch Integration to allow speed of play (such as Samsung Gear Fit or Pebble Watch)
  • Club selection recommendation
  • Recording your golf stats including GIR, Driving Accuracy, Putts Taken

Considered to be the best free golfing GPS apps on the market at the moment is the Hole19.

Take a view of my latest reviews for the Best Free Golf GPS reviews apps on my Hubpage site

The free golf GPS app known as Hole19 is one of the bestAs a golfer there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least be trying out a great first class free golfing app such as Hole19 – it costs absolutely nothing, which considering it has many of the above features makes a truly incredible golf gadget! The full website integration of Hole19 golf GPS app means you’ll have the opportunity to show off to your golfing partners and friends world-wide using all of the latest social media platforms.


The real reason the Hole19 is considered the best golf GPS app

The reason the Hole19 is considered the best golfing GPS apps is that it uses high definition satellite images. These satellite images (which you are able to zoom into) help your GPS app by finding distances to obstacles and hazards. The ability to zoom in means the Hole19 is able to spot the front/center/back of the putting green.

The Hole19 really comes into play when you’re out playing a golf course. With over 34,000 courses already locked into the free GPS app finding a course is relatively easy. So the modes when out on the golf course are divided into three main stages.

Before you play – what the Golfing GPS App can do for you

Before play the Hole19 golfing app is able to plan a route to your chosen putting green, using distances calculated from your previous club distances. Yes that’s right the Hole19 app can record the distance you hit each club based on its GPS technology. Zoom into your putting green are and plan where you want to hit the golf ball.

During the game of golf – the ease of a free GPS Golfing App

Not only can the Hole19 Golf app gauge golfing stats such as ball distance, it records your scoring as well. This makes it easy to calculate Stableford Points without having to do the math for you and the playing partners. Being able to upload your data onto the internet means you’ll analyze your golf game, and you can also share feats of triumph with fellow golfers!

After your round has finished – Golf Analysis on offer from the Best GPS app

As golfers are aware stats are an important part of improving your game. The Hole19 golfing app records stats such as GIR (greens in regulation), Fairways hit (Driving Accuracy), Putts Made, and your short game strokes. With full web integration the app uploads your data onto the web and allows you to view you golfing history with pretty graphs and displays, giving you the full ability to analyze your golf.  Another great addition to this free app is that it displays your calories burnt as you progress around the golf course. This is a great feature from a health perspective as you’ll have a visual representation of how much energy you are using.

All of these features make the hole19 one of the greatest best Free GPS golf apps currently available. Give it a try and you’ll see how it not only improves your game but gives you accuracy of distance on the golf course. The free GPS app means not only can you gain from using smartphone technology with a free GPS system that outshines many paid for alternatives.


Combine your golfing GPS app with Smartwatch Tech

Integrate the golfing GPS apps with smartwatch technology. Using a smartwatch when playing golf means there are less distractions. Simply put the golfing app in your golf bag and read data from your wrist. It’s no wonder then that the Hole19 is considered one of the best free GPS Golfing apps around. As I see it golfing GPS apps should always be free and hopefully they will be.

Visit the Hole19 Website

Thursday, 25 December 2014

What does GIR on the Green in Golf Mean?

The Importance of the GIR Stat

Well GIR means Greens in Regulation. GIR then simple means getting your golf ball onto the green to give you 2 shots to get the ball in the hole. Sounds easy right? Well yes and no. So for example 

  • 3 par hole – ball on the green after the first shot
  • 4 par hole – ball on the green after second shot
  • 5 par hole – ball on the green after the third shot

The ball has to be ON the golf green, not on the fringes.

Why is GIR Important?

Well it can help you analyze your golf game. In reality you should be noting your GIR either on your scorecard or using a digital tool. The reason being is it can help you identify the weak area of your game. But to get a full picture we need to look firstly at your tee shot. How many of you tee shots hit the fairway? This should also be recorded. Let’s say you get 50% on the fairway, that’s really good! But in relation to GIR, is it enough? For example if you get 100% GIR but fail to make PAR then there’s obviously an issue with your putting that needs to be addressed.

If you are getting 0% GIR then the fault lies somewhere else either in your tee shots, or follow up shots (second and third).

If you are hitting the fairway 100% of the times and are still not getting GIR then the fault is in your follow up golf shots and this then needs to be addressed.

Focus on the weak point in your game

Remember it's impossible to improve all of your golf game and golf swing simultaneously. Instead you need to focus on the weakest part, the part that is costing you most in terms of scoring – whether it be stroke or stableford for example.

To track your stats as well as offering GPS positioning so you know the precise yardage to the green I would recommend the Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Touchscreen. Not only does this excellent golfing tool record your essential stats like Fairways Hit and GIR, it has full color touch-screen technology and is waterproof!

Remember golf is about stats, and lowering your GIR is the key to lowering your golfing score. Working out the weakest element of your game allows you to focus all of your energy into becoming a stronger better golfer.